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Colour Valley

"Color valley" a hermitage for the soul. A place away from the daily activities, away from the fuss of the city, cars and pollution, away from stress, fears and anxieties. A place close to the music of nature...

A magnificent harmony is born everyday as Apollo meets Poseidon, Artemis, Aeolus and Aphrodite... Numerous species of birds come fearlessly near you singing, accompanying the sounds of the sea and the wind, that is sometimes silent while other times is restlessly dancing among the olive trees and the wild flowers...

"Colour valley" stands between two hills that are painted with the colours of rocks, weeds, and flowers. It spreads down to the sea, bewitching the human soul when early in the morning, the sun rises right in the middle. And on summer nights, the moon flows peacefully reflecting the dreams of human beings...

In the evenings the different colours playing on the rockface are particularly impressive. Geologists and nature lovers will feel their hearts swell, because the entire ravine shows numerous kinds of rock in most different forms and colours. In the evening sun begins to shine on the rocks rock in all shades, an unforgettable sight.


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